• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Always make sure that you switch off the electricity supply to your dryer before you start any maintenance.

    Keeping your tumble dryer clean and free from any build up of lint, fluff or debris will ensure it continues to run efficiently.

    Always check the user manual for exact details on your appliance and also see the topics in the ‘Cleaning’ and ‘Maintenance’ sections of this guide for further information.
  • 1. Every cycle
    When the dryer has finished and has cooled down, clean out any fluff from the lint filter. Some filters can be washed under the tap.
  • 2. Regularly clean the door seals
    Keeping the door seals clean will keep any bacteria from developing and producing any bad smells.
  • 3. Every 6 months
    Remove the lint filter and vacuum around the lint trap (if your dryer has this).
  • 4. Every 6 months
    Remove and clean the vent pipe. Itʼs also a good idea at this time to vacuum around the back of the machine removing any dust from the cooling air intakes and the vent tube connections.