• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Always make sure that your cooker or hob has completely cooled down before starting any maintenance or cleaning.

    Check for specific details on your appliance in the user manual, but the steps below will give you general guidance.

    Your appliance may have a built in Self Cleaning mode or programmable setting. A self clean or pyrolytic clean is a process where your cooker uses a high heat (usually around 500°C) to carbonized any burn on grease and food and turns it into ash that can then be wiped out easily.

    When using a self clean you may notice strong burning smells, you may need to open any doors and windows to ensure good ventilation.
  • 1. Remove all oven shelves and fittings.
  • 2. Remove any loose food/ debris and wipe out the bottom of the oven before beginning any self clean cycle. This will reduce the smoke and fumes created during the process.
  • 3. Select the self clean mode (if your appliance has one). For most models this will usually be located on the temperature control knob.
  • 4. If you notice a strong burning smell, this is normal as high temperatures are used burn off heavy soiling — keep the room well ventilated.
    The self clean cycle may take a long time to complete, during this time the self clean light will remain illuminated.
  • 5. Most appliances will turn off at the end of the self clean cycle. Turn your temperature control knob back to 0 or its ‘Off’ position.
  • 6. Stay Clean’ Liners

    ‘Stay Clean’ liners are covered with a special enamel which absorbs cooking residue. At higher temperatures the soiling is slowly destroyed. In most cases normal cooking at higher temperatures will permit this cleaning to take place automatically. However, if higher cooking temperatures are not used regularly then it may be necessary, in order to prevent heavy soiling, to run the oven at maximum temperature for at least two hours from time to time. The ‘Stay Clean’ liners can be washed in warm soapy water followed by rinsing in clear water. Dry well with a soft cloth.

    NOTE: Do not use enzyme washing powder, harsh abrasives or chemical oven cleaners of any kind on the liners.