• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Some fridge freezers have a plumbed-in water supply to an integrated water (and, sometimes, also ice) dispenser. The water supply will normally be filtered and the filter should be changed about every six months.

    Some appliances will have an internal filter compartment, but many have an external ‘inline’ filter in the water-supply pipe.

    Always check your user manual for specific details on your own appliance, but the steps below will give you some general guidance on changing an externally-fitted filter.
  • 1. Locate the filterʼs water supply tap and turn it off.
  • 2. An external inline cartridge filter will normally be a cylinder shape with a small-diameter plastic pipe connected at each end. Before you remove the filter, take note of any water-flow direction marks.
  • 3. The plastic pipe is held in at each end of the filter by a push-in ‘shoulder’ connector, secured by small plastic clips.

    To remove the pipe from each end, slide out the plastic clip and then push in the shoulder connector, this will allow the plastic pipe to be pulled gently out.

    Take not to damage the ends of the pipe and be prepared for a small amount water to come from the filter ends and the pipework when it is disconnected.
  • 4. Fitting the new filter is a reverse of the disconnection process (remember the correct flow direction when installing the new filter cartridge).

    Push each end of the pipe gently into the shoulder connector (about 18mm or just under ¾ inch should push in and you will feel it stop).

    Make sure that the shoulder connectors are slightly pulled up the pipe at each end so the plastic clips can be pushed back into place to secure the connectors.
  • 5. Turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks. You will need to flush-through an amount of water before drinking any, the instructions with the new filter should recommend how much (but normally around 10 — 12 large glasses).
  • If you have misplaced or lost your user manual, you can download a replacement manual (please have your model number to hand).