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AEG Dishwashers

i51, i52, i53, i54, i55, i56, i57, i58, i59, i60, i80, i5A, i5B (i5H), i5C, i5D, i5E, i5F, iC0, iCo

Issue: The device needs to be reset

1. A non-specific error that requires the dishwasher to be reset.

  • Unplug the dishwasher from the mains, wait 1 minute and then plug it in again.
  • Turn the dishwasher on and select a cycle, if the cycles runs correctly then the error is cleared.
  • If the dishwasher still reports an error, make a note of the error code and use our online service to book a repair visit.

If the above actions haven’t rectified your issue or you don’t feel confident to undertake them please go to our on-line repair booking page to arrange an engineer visit —

If you have misplaced or lost your user manual, you can download a replacement manual (please have your model number to hand).