• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    When the other installation steps have been followed, you will be ready to connect the tumble dryer to the electricity supply. Check the user-manual for your machine to help locate the On/Off controls and any specific details on connecting to the mains electricity supply.
  • 1. Locate the plug for the machine (this may be fastened to the back).
  • 2. Make sure that the electrical cable is not trapped under or behind the appliance where it may get crushed or damaged, plug into the mains and switch on.
  • 3. Find and press the applianceʼs ‘On / Off’ or ‘Start’ button (some appliances will have both) when you are ready to start drying. The power button or switch may be indicated by using either words or a power symbol.
  • 4. Or the On/Off control for your machine may be operated by the programme dial, for example turning the dial to the desired setting may also turn your machine on.
  • If you have misplaced or lost your user manual, you can download a replacement manual (please have your model number to hand).