• Issue: Water is leaking into the base of the appliance
  • 1. This error may be caused by one of the following
    • Too much detergent has been used and there is an excess of foam — switch off the appliance and wait for a few hours before trying again
    • Clean the detergent drawer, limescale might cause water to leak out of the drawer
    • Check the water inlet hose for any leaks, ensure the connections are secured tightly and that there is no damage to the hose
    • Check that there is no laundry caught in the door, this could allow water to run down the front of the appliance into the bottom
    • Open the door and check the door seal for damage, cracks or holes. If the door seal is damaged do not use the appliance again until the seal has been replaced by a service engineer
    • If there is a fluff filter, clean it
    To clear the error:
    • Disconnect the machine from the water and power supplies
    • Drain any water out from the bottom of the appliance
    • Put a towel behind the appliance
    • Tilt the machine backwards so there is a gap of between 10cm and 15cm between the front of the washer-dryer and the floor
    • Keep the the appliance in that position for between 30 and 40 seconds so any water can drain out into the towel
    • Start a wash cycle to see if the resolution has cured the solution
  • If the above actions haven’t rectified your issue or you don’t feel confident to undertake them please go to our on-line repair booking page to arrange an engineer visit — https://www.domesticandgeneral.com/repairs.

    If you have misplaced or lost your user manual, you can download a replacement manual (please have your model number to hand).